Embarrassing Case of Dandruff

Like all our skin we shed it naturally, little bits at a time and then the skin is renewed, from the bottom up pushing off the dead cells. It is a process and we all do it. Usually they are so small we do not even notice it when they shed off.

When we get dandruff also known as scurf, and medically known as Pityriasis capitis, the shedding of skin from our scalps increases in speed and those larger scales of skin are pushed off and they are sometimes in clumps which is visible to the eye. This process can even make our scalps itchy and thus instead of flakes falling off we encourage them with scratching to come off in greater quantity. This is the embarrassing white spots we get on our shoulders and work feverishly to smooth off our clothes.

It is estimated that at least 50-60% of all people around the age of 20 years old will have dandruff. It can of course occur at any age, but that is the most prevalent.

What causes dandruff?

There is really information overload about dandruff. Some say one thing, another says another. They contradict and change and then go back to saying it is all truth. All you can do is take each thing that you think might be the problem and see if it is by changing it in some way.

It is commonly thought that there are two different types of dandruff. I doubt if it really matters that you identify it like that but for ease it will be shown here that way. The first is internal and yes the second is external.

Internal-Things that cause dandruff from the inside of you


Fat and starches

Yeast ergies

Food allergies, especially to shellfish, nuts, chocolate and dairy

Eating too much sugar

Hormone imbalance

Sickly chronic health problems-Parkinson’s, strokes, paraplegics. HIV patients and heart attack patients

Bad hygiene

Seborrheic dermatitis..extreme form of dandruff…it is irritated oily skin…in babies it is known as cradle cap…

A tiny fungus, yeast Pityrosporum ovale-This is natural to your skin and feeds on the grease of your skin. This reaction increases flaking.

Skin conditions like eczema, and psoriasis tend to be the same people that will deal with dandruff

Diet problems- some people who do not take in enough, B vitamins, zinc and some type of fat will get dandruff.

External- Things put on your scalp

Hair sprays

Extreme temperature

Not shampooing enough

Shampooing too much

Curling irons and curlers

Hair color

Dry indoor heating

Not combing your hair

Reaction or sensitivity to hair care products

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